About Zombie Lady

Ok. So you must be wondering, what's all this stuff about? Right? I'm a long time web programmer and graphic designer. My wife complains that I am too critical of films. Never satisfied (unless there is sword fighting... but even then). I figured that since I really like horror films I could put my Film degree from UCSC to some good use. At UCSC in the Film and Digital Media production concentration I learned all that fancy film theory talk; how the depiction of cultural ideologies in cinema influence society, how imagery and music are used to tell a story, and how the vouyeristic cinematic experience has become a major part of our culture and everyday lives. In addition I studied cinematography, film-form, and video editing.

Here at Zombie Lady each film gets a rating from 0 to 5 brains (as displayed at the top of each review) with 5 brains reserved for only a handful of the very best horror flicks, and zero brains for those special films that manage to do worse than failure (though those can sometimes be my favorites). If you disagree with any of our ratings or film analyses, and have some good solid points to persuade us, please let us know about them in the comments. You may just change our minds.

I have created a number of original vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator and raphael.js to enhance your movie review experience. The bloody grunge graphics are courtesy of http://www.obsidiandawn.com/. Thanks! In addition I will include movie stills and imagery with the reviews for all that good eye candy.

Now you are asking, where does the name Zombie Lady come from? Picture an extremely psycho, intestine sucking, dress in tatters, sprinting towards you on a broken leg wielding a chainsaw female zombie? Need I say more?

So grab your chainsaws, ladies and gentlemen, because you are in for a wild ride. Hopefully you have as much fun with this site as I have had creating it. Please enjoy and feel free to comment! Cheers to cinematographic masterpieces and let's have some good laughs about the rest.

If you need to contact me directly try info@zombielady.com – otherwise use the comments!